Sunday, 27 January 2013

my bubbly aarya part 2

Part 2:

yash and aarthi were busy playing and gayatri was preparing lunch. the phone rang. it was the call of the mall security.

Mall: is this Khurana mansion?
gayatri: yes. may i know who is this?
Mall: mam we are from the mall. today u took a girl from here and told to call if we get any information of their parents.
gayatri: yes. so did u get any information?
Mall: yes mam. actually there was a couple searching for a child. i came to know from another customer. when we went to search them we found that they had an accident. and sorry to say that they are no more.
gayatri: OMG. how did this happen? and where are their family members?
Mall: we found their address from their licence. o going there we found that they live alone and from neighbours we came to know that they came here 3 years ago and no one else is there in their family.
gayatri: Oh. then what should we do for aarthi?
Mall: shall i suggest u something mam.
gayatri: sure.
Mall: mam u give her in an orphanage.
gayatri: (became angry) how can u say like this? she is a small girl. her age is only nearly 2.
Mall: sorry. i only gave u a suggestion. then what ever u want u can do.
gayatri: thank u for the info.
Mall: thank u mam.

the call was over. gayatri felt bad for aarthi. she thought to talk to suraj and then take a decision.

after lunch yash went to do his homework and aarthi followed

yash took his notes out and started colouring. seeing him aarthi also took colour from yash's hand coloured in his note. when yash saw the note he became angry. it was his favourite note and aarthi scribbled on. he shouted on her. she started crying. hearing aarthi's cry gayatri came up.

gayatri: what happened yash?
yash: maa bubbly spoiled my note.
gayatri: leave it yash. i will get u another note. she is a small girl only.
yash: i don't want any other note. she is very bad.
gayatri: yash behave urself. i said that she is a small girl.

gayatri turned to see aarthi. she was crying and her eyes were very puffy. she felt bad seeing her. she thought that it is better is aarthi goes to some orphanage. yash gets angry very soon and it won't be nice is aarthi stays here. yash won't see anything in his anger. she thought that she will tell her view to suraj and then they will search for a good orphanage and will leave aarthi there.

gayatri pampered her and took her down with her saying yash to complete his work. gayatri was in kitchen with aarthi sitting on the slab. aarthi was asking silly questions of which more than half she couldn't understand and the remaining made her laugh.

thinking about her gayatri started feeling guilty making her to go to orphanage. i a day she came so close to gayatri that she can't leave her now. she thought that today she will give her enormous love since she will go soon.

yash completed his work and came down to see his mother busy with aarthi. suddenly he felt J. he went to her.

yash: u are my maa.
gayatri: what are u saying yash? i am ur maa only.
yash: then why are u playing with her?
gayatri: what are u saying yash? what happened to u?
yash: i don't know. but u will not play with her.
gayatri: should i say to ur dad about ur behaviour?
yash: (turning to aarthi) see because of u i am getting scolding. u know i was happy when u came here but now i don't want u to be here. u go back.

gayatri became angry. first aarthi lost her parent and she doesn't even know what is happening with her and now this yash s shouting on her. she slapped him.

yash: see. because of u now i got slap. if u be here then maa will only scold me. so u go back.

aarthi was crying more seeing all this and hearing the loud voice. after saying this yash ran back to his room crying. gayatri started to pamper her to make her stop crying.

PRECAP: aarthi going to orphanage.

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