Friday, 25 January 2013

New story aarya:My bubbly part 1.


the boy, his mom and bubbly reached home. they went in. they were welcomed by a person who stopped them.
P: where did u two go?
Maa :we went to the mall. i wanted to do some shopping and so yash accompanied me.
P: ok gayatri. make me some tea. then i must go to office.
G: to office? but u told today is off and u will spend time with me and yash.
P: yes. but i will go and come soon.
G:ok. yash go to ur room. i will bring bubbly to ur room.
Y: ok maa bye papa.
P: bye bete. BTW who is bubbly?
Y: papa she is my bubbly. ( showing to the shall baby who is seeing the home in astonishment and is trying to say something.)
P: gayatri who is she?
G: actually suraj in mall while going yash saw her. she was crying very much. so i and yash went to the security to announce about the child but after half an hour also there was no news. they told us to leave. but i didn't have the heart to leave her. so i took her and came and told the security to call once they find any information about her parents.
S: but how can u bring her simply? we don't know anything about her.
G: i know but seeing her dress i know that she will belong to some good family. i am feeling sad for her. wish she gets her parents soon.
Y: hope the same. ok leave her with yash and make me tea. i am getting late.
Ra: ok.

saying so she will leave her in yash's bed and yash will be sitting with her and talking to her.

Y: u know u are in my home. and from now u will also be in my home. i will call u bubbly...
B: gu--gullu...
Y: gullu??
B: u gullu( cutely showing towards him.)
Y: i am not gullu.( glaring..(his birth right))
B: (started crying seeing his glare...)
yash became scared. hearing the voice gayatri ran to yash's room. suraj also followed. the scene they saw made them smile. their son was trying to manofy the small doll who brought smile on his face. finally she stopped crying when yash agreed.

gayatri and suraj left them alone to play. yash was talking to her and she was doing something in her own. but hearing her babyish voice yash would be very happy. after sending suraj she went to yash's room. he was playing with her.

gayatri took her and went to give her milk. in that process she thought to ask her something.

G: hello.
she smiled.
G: what is ur name.?
B: (thinking for sometime..and trying to say something)a..aarthi..mele naam aarthi hal(my name is aarthi.)
G: aarthi. name is very cute.
A: papa ne ralka hal( dad kept this name)
G: where is ur dad?
A: papa.(she started crying.)
G: oh baby dont cry.

gayatri starts to pamper her and slowly she forgot that and was playing with the food that gayatri was feeding her. but somehow she completed feeding her. after feeding she left her in yash's room and asked him to take care of her as she will be in the kitchen. yash took aarthi to his toy self and showed all his toys. she liked them very much. she was clapping on whatever the toy yash was showing. yash was feeling very nice seeing her smiling and being happy that too because of him.

That day was the best day for baby yash. the day his aarthi, his bubbly entered his life. her gullu never knew what will happen the next minute but being with her gave him the happiness that he will always cherish as her gullu.


PRECAP: information from the mall security.

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