Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My bubbly rishabala part 3

mohan came back from work in the evening. radha served tea and thought to talk now about madhu’s family.

mohan:  What happened radha? Why are you so thoughtful?
Radha:  mohan mall security called me.
mohan:  What did they say?
radha:  They said that madhu’s parents had an accident.
mohan:  Oh god. She is now only a small girl and all this.
radha:  Yes. I was thinking one thing.
mohan:  Yes Say.
radha:  Today rishab scolded her and she cried a lot.
So if she stays here then rishab will always get angry.
mohan:  I understand your pov. 5 years he was alone. He will not like to share our love with anyone. So what did you think?
radha:  why don’t  we give madhu to any orphanage? there she will be safe from rishab’s anger.
mohan:  you are saying this.  Are you sure?
radha:  yes i am sure. I don’t want rishab to hurt the small girl. 

Outside rishab was hearing this. He didn’t understand what is orphanage, but he understood that bubbly is going to go. At once he ran to his mother’s room where madhu was sleeping.

rishab: Bubbly i am sorry. Please don’t leave me and go. Please i am really sorry. I will never shout on you. Please don’t go anywhere(he was crying).

Radha came in the room and saw rishab crying.

radha:  What happened rishab?
rishab: maa please don’t take bubbly and go.
radha:  rishab, you only said her to go. Then why now?
rishab:  i am sorry maa. But please don’t take bubbly and go.
mohan:  rishab, bubbly will be with you. But promise me, she will never cry.
rishab:  I promise dad. Bubbly will never cry.
radha:  Ok. Now stop this. I will make dinner, when she gets up tell me. I will feed you and her.
rishab: Ok maa and thank you.
radha:  hmm. Now go and do your colouring. Then madhu will wake.
rishab: Ok maa.

No one knew that the promise made by rishab will be a life time promise. For this promise rishab will go to any extent.

To be continued....
Precap:- bubbly and gullu going to school.

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