Friday, 25 January 2013

New story:Aarya my bubbly prolouge

A 5 year boy was walking on the payment. he had came to mall with his mother and after some time the boy got bored and started to wander here and there. but after wandering for sometime he saw that a place near the mall was crowded. in curiosity he went near that. but there was a huge crowd and the boy couldn't get in. but being small he went in somehow. when he went out he saw the thing that at present was the centre of attraction for all.

immediately a sense of possessiveness came in him. he saw that there was a small chubby 2 year baby crying her lungs out. none were ready to help her. her eyes were red and one word that immediately came from him mouth was "BUBBLY". he saw that the people were only seeing her. no one was helping her. he became angry. he went near her and tried to lift her. but she startde crying more.

in the mean time the boy's mom came there hearing the commotion. she went in and saw her son trying to manofy a cute barbie doll. but she was keeping on crying. now she also felt bad and she went to the baby and took her from the boy.

B:Maa see this BUBBLY is not saying quiet.
Maa : BUBBLY???
B: yes she is bubbly.
Maa: ok. but where are her parents??
B: i dont know. when i came here she was crying.
Maa : ok. we will tell the security to do the announcement.
B: ok.

saying so the boy and his mom went to the security and informed them everything. they immediately announced in the mike and they even announced to come soon as the baby was crying. but it was 30 minutes to the announcement but there was no news. the officials said them to go home. the mom started to go but the boy was not ready to leave her. she also felt pity and said to the officials that she will take the baby and when they get any info they could contact them.

the officials agreed. finally the boy along with his mom and the cutie went to their home. was the prolouge????hope by now u might have guessed who are the characters. if not then i will reveal in the part 1...

do tell me how is it. should i continue or not. if i get response then i will update the next part and the CS in 3 or 4 days.

this is a childhood story. i am trying this kind of story for the first time. need ur supports. do support me.

for pms pls buddy "AGpm"
waiting for ur response.


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