Sunday, 27 January 2013

Os Love at first sight.


the sun rays fell on a face through the French window. the morning was not that much sunny since it was a hill station. the morning sun had a cooling effect on a girl who was standing near the window and gazing outside. there was a glow on her face.

after sometime a person came from back and hugged her. she blushed.

Person : what jaan now also u are blushing after all that which happened yesterday night.

she blushed and ran inside. he went to follow her but his phone rang. he received the call as it was from his home.

Caller: what maan bhai u went to Kodai and forgot us. are u so busy in geet bhabi?
Maan: there is nothing like that annie. we reached yesterday here and after sightseeing geet became tired so we came to cottage.
Annie: oh. ok no problem. how is your honeymoon going?
Maan: why will i tell u??
aniee: please tell na bhai...
Maan: no...ok tell why did u call so early morning?
A: mom wanted to talk to geet bhabi but her phone was coming not reachable so i called u.
M: ok. say mom to come on line. i will tell geet to talk to her.

maan gave the receiver to geet. the DIl and MIL talked for more than 30 minutes. here maan was frustrated. he had come for honeymoon and his wife instead of spending time with him she is talking with his mother.

finally after 10 more minutes of wait geet finally gave back the mobile to maan to notice a angry maan.

G: wo..woh why are u angry?
M: now why are u worrying for me?
G: what did i do..(started to cry...)
M: geet..don't cry dear. i was just joking.
G: (shocked) joking. and here i was worrying what i did that u are angry with me. go i will not talk to u.
M: jaan sorry dear.

but geet didn't listen. she went to the near the window again. it was only 1 month to their marriage and she was pampered by everyone. so only for honeymoon when she suggested kodaikannal no one could refuse her.

their story started when geet was in college and maan was a doing masters and for experience he had joined geet's college as a junior lecturer. during one free hour maan had been allotted geet's class to handle. so he was managing that class. just for making the hour enjoyable maan conducted some quizzes and asked some puzzles. most of it were tough. but the students gave all the answers. and most probably all the answers came from one girl. maan curiously looked at her. seeing her the first time immersed in books trying to solve the puzzle given by him. he was smitten by her. mostly all girls wore short dresses or modern wear but she was the only wearing traditional dress. this was the first quality that smitten maan. the hour was over and geet along with her friend went to her gang and maan was left seeing her from far. after that maan never got chance to spend time in her class. but many times he used to see her in the staff room as she was the favourite student of many teachers.

maan came to know many things about her. maan's experience period over and he half heartedly returned.

after 2 years maan had completed his masters and was applying for research. at that time due to much instance of his family maan agreed to marry. so the search for the bride was on. after one week they showed maan the pic of one girl. to maan's happiness it was none other than his first dream girl geet. immediately he agreed getting the suspicious looks of his family members. but somehow he managed.

that day he was very happy. the whole night he spent looking at her pic. he thought "even after 2 years u didn't change. the same innocent eyes in which i always dreamt of getting lost. the same long hair in which i always dreamt to comb them with my hand. the same tradition. i really love u very much and i am waiting for tomorrow as i will meet u. hope u remember me. coming to u JAAN."

that night he slept dreaming his future along with his geet. the next morning all got ready to go to geet's home. maan was getting very impatient. but somehow controlled letting his family know anything.

after reaching there they were welcomed by geet's father. geet's sister rajji went to call geet. geet came and served tea to everyone. not even once she looked up and saw maan's face while maan the whole while was staring at her. and geet was aware of this fact. she had never seen the groom's photo as she had full confidence on her dad and she had already said yes. this is only a formality. she never fell in love because she believed only in love after marriage as it is pure.

maan's mom told geet's dad to make them talk privately. so rajji took maan and geet to geet's room. maan was awed seeing her room. there was a tinge of jealousy in him seeing her room filled with some other man's pictures. but before asking like she understood she said "these are my favourite hero gurmeet's pics. i am a very big fan of him." she started talking like a chatter box. maan couldn't believe his luck. the girl who before sometime was not even looking at him had started talking like they now each other from years. he can't thank no not god gurmeet enough.

after sometime there was a knock on the door. then only geet realised what was she doing. immediately lowered her head. maan cursed the person thousand times under his breath. the marriage was confirmed. the preparation started with a full swing for the engagement as the marriage was after 6 months since geet's only request for the complete her studies.

after the engagement maan started to fall more in her love. geet to unknowing started to allow her heart to be free with maan. the used to spend hours in talking. mostly geet being a chatter box she would talk alot through phone. but in face to face his one look would make her blush and she would lower her head. during this period geet became close to maan's family members too. all started to love geet more than maan. many time he would act as angry but it won't affect any one.

after 6 months geet completed her graduation with distinction. she was he 2nd topper in the college and she got placement in one of the top companies of India with the support of maan's family members. after this her marriage rituals stated.

during marriage rituals maan was not allowed to meet geet. but being naughty with geet he used to find one or more reasons to meet her getting scoldings from his mom. same happened during mehandi. after applying mehandi geet went to her room to fresh. he came there and took her hands to see it. but geet hid her hands saying that he should not see it. being adamant he pulled her hands to see. suddenly annie came in and saved geet by pushing out.

after that maan tried many times to see the mehandi. but some or the other came in between. during sangeet they danced on BOLE CHUDDIYAAN, LAL DUPATTA which were geet's favourite songs.

the next day was the marriage. the mandap was decorated in white which was maan's fav on geet's instance. maan wore red shervani and geet wore a matching lehanga.

the rituals started geet's dad did the kanyadaan. then the gadhbandhan was done by annie and they had their pheres promiseing each other to love them  the whole life. maan filled geet's maang and tied mangalsutra. the priest declared them husband and wife. they took blessings to elders. after bidaai geet was welcomed in her new home in a grand way.

during SR when maan came in geet became very nervous. she don't know what to do. she had never came near a man before and what should she do. like maan understood he told her to sleep as she might be tired. geet breathed a sigh of relief. she went to the washroom to change. she came out and lied down. maan came near her. again she became nervous. maan told her to relax. and he lied near her.

that night maan slept peacefully knowing that the love of his life is finally his. but before taking this relation to next level he will make her comfortable with him.

from the next day geet's home life started. the allowed her for work. but since her placement would start after 2 months she spent the time in home learning many things. she came more close to the family members.

after 20 days, annie suggested a idea of honeymoon. maan immediately agreed seeing the enthusiasm geet also agreed. the planned to go to hill station in India. they planned kodaikannal. they would reach kodairoad through train and then would climb the hill. the three day train journey was very memorable for both of them.

they reached kodai afternoon. the whole noon they spent sightseeing. by evening they reached the cottage that geet's dad booked on geet's instance as she liked this cottage very much.

that evening finally leaving all inhibitions geet responded to maan. finally they became one.

finally maan had to manofy her in his own way which he loved. and finally she melted. later that day the completed the remaning places and returned to the cottage. and spent 2 more days there drowning in each other's love. geet knew maan was very passionate. he never left her for a second. the desire of 2 years was surfacing. now geet became used to maan and his passion.

after spending some more days in each other's warmth they planned to return as her placement would start soon and she had to do the preparations.

soon her office started. maan to started his research work. but they would never forget to be in each other's embrace the whole evening.

in between these geet never forgot to do her duties as a DIL. never did maan's mom or annie had any complaints on geet. annie and geet became best friends....

after some 2 or 3 years geet did not feel well. so she went to the doctor along with annie. the doctor gave a good news that she is expecting. happiness knew no bounds. geet told annie not say this to anyone as maan's mom birthday was coming and during that time she will reveal..

annie and geet planned a party only for the near and dear ones. geet's family and maan's family were only there.

after cake cutting annie offed the light. there was music coming from one place and there stood annie and geet coming...

there was only a part of the song playing

"kab tak rahuun sab se chhota 
How long will I remain the smallest?

aaye koi mujh se chhota
Someone will come who is smaller than me!

hansta bolta koi khilauna
Laughing, talking, some plaything;

ab in baanhon ko do na
give her to this embrace right now!

tumse maange ghar ka aangan
The courtyard of this home asks it of you,

pyaara pyaara nazaraana
the lovely, lovely gift (of a child)"

first no one could understand then slowly all became happy and hugged her. finally after 8 months a cute baby girl came in this world. they named her ad muskan as her arrival brought more happiness to their life's...

thus started their new journey along with their muskaan...

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