Friday, 1 February 2013

My bubbly Aarya Part 4

Part 4:
So it was decided that aarthi would stay there. They completed the formalities and finally aarthi’s custody came to them since no one form her family was there to take her. Some days went like this aarthi being around would give reason for yash to complete his work soon, Suraj to return soon and gayatri to prepare different dishes. She became apple of everyone’s eye espically yash. Whenever he used to do any work he would always keep her with him.

Some months passed. Yash’s school year was over and he was going to 1st grade after 2 months. So 2 months yash had full time with aarthi. He would take her to garden and play with her most of the time.

That year suraj and gayatri planned to make aarthi’s admission in play school so she starts going to school. So they talked to yash’s school princi he was than happy to take aarthi because she was more mature than any other student of the same age.

After two months of enjoyment yash and aarthi started going to school. He used to take full care of her. At every break he used to go to her class. During lunch he used to feed and have lunch. Before going to first day yash promised his mother to take care of aarthi.

Slowing days were passing and aarthi was getting accustomed to going to school. She would speak more without shuttering. She would understand more words. 6 months passed. Yash’s birthday was nearing and suraj wanted to have a large party since they wanted to celebrate aarthi’s birthday the same day.

Many people were invited. The party was at full swing. Yash and aarthi were made to cut the cake together. In the party there was a separate corner for kids. It had all inds of games and entertainment for the kinds. All the while yash was along with aarthi. Even she walked catching his shirt. At this age itself she was so dependent on yash. Where ever he would go she would follow him.

During the magic show one act fascinated aarthi. Yash being a kid wanted to do this. So he went to the magician and said him to teach him. He smiled looking at the boy. He thought him a small trick which a boy of his age can do.

After learning this yash went back to is bubbly and was showing her the trick. She was laughing all the time seeing her gullu doing this. Yash was feeling very happy making her smile that to all because of him. He was feeling a sense of proudness in him.

After the party gullu and bubbly became inseperable. At home aarthi would be always following yash and in school yash would always be there for her.

That year was over and yash was now in 2nd grade and aarthi in lower kindergarden. In lower KG aarthi started to learn alphabets. Being mature and quick learner she used to grasp thing in more speed than others. This made her very sharp at a very small age.

in this time gullu came very close to his bubbly. He would share everything with her. They would be even sleeping together. They would be doing their home works together mostly yash helping aarthi.

After some months during their next birthday suraj called the same magician on yash’s insitance as he never forgot the way aarthi was after seeing the magic. He wanted to learn more tricks. So after the party yash said the magician to teach him some tricks. The magician knew that this kid will go very forward in life. He will do what ever he thought. He will never change his decision except when it is outside his principles. He thought him some more tricks.

These trick yash showed to aarthi and she again was happy. This left yash contented.

To Be Continued…

PRECAP: not yet thought….

I have an idea…..i will give a puzzle or riddle after every update…try to solve those. This will make reading intresting….

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