Saturday, 16 February 2013

OS Manofying my dear wifey.

maneet were now married for 3 years and geet was expecting. they used to fight for the baby saying it to be a boy or a girl. maan wanted a girl and geet a boy. they would fight the whole day but at the end they would find solance only in each other.

one such day maan's dadi had gone to london to stay with maan's younger sister annie who was settled there. she too had a love marriage just like her brother. geet and annie were best friends. whenever they would be free they would sit and chat with each other for hours.

geet at present was 6 months old and doctor told maan to take care of her as her condition is very delicate. she suggested for abortion as this would be harmful for geet. but geet never allowed anyone to touch her child.

maan's younger brother was now finally getting married. getting a bride for him was the toughest job taking in note of his personality. Oh don't worry maan's brother was not any gangster or some bad person. he was as pure as maan. the ony defect that he had was he can't speak.

many times maan used to cheer him up telling that someone would come who would understand his unspoken world. he was very close to his bhabi geet. she was his best friend, a mother, a sister for him. she was the only person outside the family who could understand his unspoken world.

finally it was the day when maan's brother would get his soul mate. it was the ceremony of his marriage. maan was making him ready.

M:oh LUCKY u are looking very nice.
L: aaannn uuuu..
M: (understood but just to tease.)what??
L: aaiii aannn uu…
M: I can't understand. can u please be clear.
L: aaiiii uuu  ooiiggg…
M: haan baba I was only joking. now get ready geet is calling from that time. her pergnancy and her mood swings. I am really tired she wants starnge things at night 2:00 am.

a person from behind…

Person : May I have the pleasure of knowing about what are u talking Mr. Khurana??

maan and lucky turned to see a cute geet with a baby bump prouting in anger.
M: arre jaan I was saying lucky to get ready soon.
G: oh??do u want me to believe your silly excuse?? tell me what u said about me??
M: I told that geet is soo nice. I am very happy with her pregnancy mood swings. if u want the ask to lucky.. Y lucky? I was saying that only na??(showing actions to tell yes.)
G: yes lucky. but remember that u must tell me the truth because I am your sister.
M: (self thought) now I am totally dead. this is my brother but will do chamchagiri of geet as if her brother. now she emotianally blackmailed him. now definitely tell geet what I said. before he says it I must distract her.
M: geet what is the time??see it is the time for the mohurat.
L: aaarrr aaannn aaabbbiii??
M: u can tell to your bahbi later. see now after a long wait ur soumya agreed for marriage. so come lets go.
L: aaa aaaa….mmmmeeee oooonnnn….
G: yes come. we will go.
Maan heaved a sigh of relief. he would manofy his darling at night.

they went down and the pandit started the mantras and lucky and somya were married successfully.

after marriage geet took somya to lucky's room and teased her a little. after sometime lucky came there and geet left them for their privacy.

here though geet was busy in marriage but her mind was struck on the words of maan that she heard. does her carvings really tired her maan. thinging this she reached her room to see the room fully decorated with rose of red and white colour which was their both's favourite colours and just as the way geet liked.

she didn't get much happy coz some other thing was getting her full attention. seeing this maan came from his hide out place geet saw him and words were struck in her throat. there was standing her hot hubby with his upper body devoid of any cloth.

all her anger swallowed seeing her hubby. maan came slowly to her and took her to bed and made her lie down. and he lied above her taking care not to hurt her tummy.

M: I know y u are angry with me. but I promise u that I love all ur carvings and they make me feel like that I am doing something for my child.
G: then y u told lucky veerji like that??
M: just to tease him. and I swear that if I knew that u will be there I wouldn't have said that.
G: really?
M: obviously jaan.

saying this maan took her lips within his. then they were lost in their passion…the only words they said last was: