Friday, 1 February 2013

My Bubbly Rishabala Part 5:

I know that this part is small….but I may give small updates regurarly…but long updates may take time…

so tell me how do u want???according to that I will type the story….

Part 5:
after 2 years…

it was their summer vacation. rishab was going to 4th grade and madhu to 1st. that year rishab had extra activities to learn for his holidays. he took part to learn magic tricks because every year he would learn some trick and show it to madhu making her laugh.

he would not show this trick to anyone except her. not even his parents. everyone in school knew rishab's craziness for his bubbly. and no one dared to tease her else they they had to face the warth of small RK.

rishab learnt many tricks and would show all to her. she would enjoy it. the vacation were over and the schooling started. being a sharp learner madhu could learn everything quickly. so she was the leader of her class. she was made to participate in many competitions by her teachers. she would mostly take part in drawing and quizzes.

that year she made the school proud by winning the under 6's quiz. all thanks to madhu and her support of her bubbly.

what to say about their friendship…it only increase with time. in the two years bubbly became the soul of gullu. their soul was entervined together. gullu couldn't even stay for a second without bubbly forget sleeping without her. their parents apprectaied the way their son was fulfilling the promise made to them.


PRECAP: not yet thought….

I think I may give u another update today….so read and tell me ur views fro this update…and the riddle:

What u can catch but cannot throw???

answers please…..

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