Thursday, 7 February 2013

My Bubbly Rishabala part 7

Part 7:

the parents were happy with their decision. one day while watching a movie a 12 year old rishab asked his mom what is marriage?
she replied.

"marriage is a bond that is the scaredest of all bonds in the universe. it is the second purest relation after mother. when u marry a person u promise her to be with her till the last breath of life. u promise her that u will always support her in all phases of life. u will never let any sadness touch her. they two are the best friends and will always be together. no one can separate them. even if they try they will always be unsuccessful."
"maa then I and bubbly are married na. after u she is my best friend. I never let any sadness come to her. no can separate us and I am always with her."
"yes beta. u and madhu are married. u will always be together."
"maa really?"
"yes beta. everything for my son's and daughter's happiness."
"thank u maa. I will say this to madhu now."

rishab happily went to madhu and said that they will always be together. madhu became happy. though she didn’t understand the full sacredness of marriage she was happy with the thought that she will be with her gullu always.

after the summer vacations madhu was in 5th and rishab in 8th. many new students joined in madhu's class. madhu's old class mates knew her and her gullu's friendship. they dare not mess with her. that year a new student named mukund joined and he was in madhu's class. he made many friends but could not talk with madhu.

when he forwarded his hand for friendship with her she accepted it. rishab never liked it. he always had record of her friends but he didn't like her friendship with mukund. it's not that he didn’t like madhu having any boy as friends but he didn’t like mukund. the reason he too didn’t knew.

many times he had seen mukund always following madhu. but madhu being still kiddish she ignored everything because out of school she would never talk with her class mates. her only friend was rishab.

after some days their exams started. mukund was sitting behind madhu. during exam mukund took a bit along with him. after completion of that answer he threw the bit. it landed on madhu's desk. she was taken to the princi. he supported madhu knowing her for more than 8 years. rishab was shocked knowing it. he never could believe that anything could happens like that with her.

he went to meet the princi. he was glad to discuss this to him since he knew about them. later from the handwriting the traced the person and it made rishab boil in anger.

he went to madhu's class and pulled mukund with his collar. even the princi was shocked knowing that a 10 year old boy could stoop so low.

the princi somehow controlled rishab and mukund was removed from the school.

that evening when they returned home madhu gave rishab a rose for thanking him. rishab kept the rose safely.

unknown to them their fate that was bound together will now play a major role in uniting them.



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