Friday, 8 February 2013


Part 8:
Dev was out of their life permantely.

after one year maan was now in 9th and geet in 6th.during one sunday maan saw a movie in which the hero was on his knees and the heroine was standing near him. the hero was saying something to the heroine and she was smiling. maan's immediate thought went to geet. will geet also smile If hr does anything like this?

immedaitely he googled what were they doing. he came across the word propose.

immediately he went to his mom who was also her friend and asked her the meaning of propose.
"when two people who want to be together their whole life the boy proposes the girls and if the girl agrees then they life together the whole life.

after hearing this maan went back to his room and was thinking something deeply.
geet was not in home and maan was feeling bored. so he took all his saving collection. he broke hie piggy bank and collected the money.

he went to a jewellery store and brought a ring and brought some flowers. he also brought some decoration things.

after reaching home maan went to their room and decorated it as per geet's liking. she liked red very much. so he made evrything in red.

after confirming the idea from internet he took the flowers and placed a friendship card along with it.

after sometime geet came in. she was scared of dark and the room was pitch dark.she panicked. she called for maan and she sytarted to cry. in worry maan came out and switched on the light.

immediately she hugged him tight. maan to hugged her back. hearing geet's voice savitri and raj ran upstairs. but seeing the scene there their eyes became moist.

maan was sitting in front of geet and was saying;

M: I want u to be always togther with me. will u be with me always. I will never let u cry. and I will always buy u flowers that u like. I will always do the things that u will say. but u must not leave me and go. I want u always to be with me. will u always be with me?

G:maan what happened to u??
M:geet first answer me.
G:u know I will never leave u.
M:thank u.

maan immediately stood up his feet. his knees started aching and he flinched. geet immediately blowed air to his knees.

G: y did u do like this? see now ur knees are paining.
M:I always want u to be with me.
G:I will always be with u. then y did u do this?
M: woh maa said that when a boy asks like this to a girl and if she agrees then they always be together.

this made tears come out of the eyes of their parents. now they were proud of their decision of the marriage. they had faith in their maan that he would always keep their daughter happy.


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