Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Bubbly Rishabala Part 6:

Part 6:

rishab's age 11,
madhu's age 8,

Rishab's started his 6th grade with a very good way. first he was chosen as the monitor of his class. second he was chosen as the best student of their class.

madhu's 3rd was also in very good way. she was also selected as the best student of her class. with 2 years she got many awards for quizz and drawing.

rishab had also learnt many tricks. so when ever madhu would be sad he would make her laugh with his tricks. but that day when madhu would be sad would came very rarely. because her gullu would always be there for her.

if a tear drop came out from her eyes then that day rishab would turn the house upside down. this was the love of young maneet. madhu used to call radha choti maa and mohan as chote papa. she was their princess. with their growing friendship they planned a thing to bind them forever.

they took small rishab and madhu to temple and had a small ceremony to bind them together. the made small marry his bubbly. but they planned not to tell this to them.

after their growing up if they like someone else then no one will bind them to this relation. when mohan said that after marrying madhu she will stay with him forever he immediately agreed. madhu too agreed. so they were now husband and wife. but the kids didn't knew what this was and what will make them do in future…


Precap: rishab taking part in fight

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